Our credo is inspired by Antoine-de-Saint-Exupéry : "There are no solutions. There are moving forces we must create. Solutions follow." We strongly believe that there are no standardized solutions for the challenges faced by manufacturing companies.

 Our approach is firstly based on the careful listening of our clients:

  • for understanding their strategy and goals
  • for identifying their strengths
  • for identifying what should be improved
  • for evaluating the maturity of their employees and teams regarding the changes which should be implemented

Only then recommendations for improvements can be  proposed regardless of fashionable or dogmatic approaches and in accordance with the maturity of people and teams.

Knowing what to do is necessary, but what matters is concrete realization. So, we support our clients in the necessary transformations in facilitating the building of transformation teams (the moving forces), that we seek to drive and grow up for developing the solutions.

Our main areas of expertise are operations strategy, supply-chain management, and lean management.

Our long-standing experience allows us to perform our missions in every kind of industrial and cultural environments, in French and in English as well.

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