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21 September 2020
Master Scheduling in Short-Medium Volume Environments

Par Olivier Carré, O2C (olivier.carre@o2c-sc.com) My colleague, Olivier Carré, presents here different approaches for developing a master schedule in low-medium volume production environments. - XP Production planning for short or medium production runs is highly difficult today. Just as it is simple to schedule recurring products, it is just as complex to schedule low-recurring or […]

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2 May 2020
Just-In-Time Swept by COVID-19?

By Xavier Perrin (xperrin@xp-consulting.fr) The sanitary and economic crisis we are living for several months have tremendous effects on supply chains worldwide: disruptions in supply, insolvencies, stockouts of strategic supplies (protective masks, respirators, hydroalcoholic gel, etc.). Entire sectors of economy are jeopardized and will probably never recover the conditions prior the crisis, as in the […]

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27 April 2020
Do you really pull your production?

By Xavier Perrin (xperrin@xp-consulting.fr) When I am working with High-Mix / Low-Volume (HM/LV) manufacturing companies for helping them to improve their dependability, reduce their lead times, and reduce their working capital need, a frequent misunderstanding comes from executives about pulling production from customer demand. As they produce only what their customers are ordering, they believe […]

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23 October 2019
Client is King. Really?

By Xavier Perrin (xperrin@xp-consulting.fr) I often read posts on professional social networks which recall us that "Client is King" or "Client is the Boss". Most of the comments describe situations where it was missed to serve the client as a king, which is considered as a scandal. I'm always very annoyed by such messages. Indeed, […]

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6 March 2017
Forecasts are always wrong. So what?

We are teaching that "forecasts are always wrong"… and this is true! But, some people take the opportunity of this truth to assert that forecasting demand is useless...

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7 September 2015
How to Avoid ERP Implementation Failure?

In a previous post I brought some comments about a very interesting survey conducted by Software Advice: Some Key Questions Before Buying An ERP. Today I strongly recommend you a short book also published by ERP software consultancy, Software Advice: How to Avoid ERP Implementation Failure? You can download the book here.

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31 August 2015
How to be sure to miss the target?

By Xavier Perrin (xperrin@xp-consulting.fr) Some of my missions consist in helping Make-to-Order companies improve their On-Time-Delivery performance (OTD). Generally, these companies set up specific OTD objectives for each department, expecting them to deliver their work on-time. Each department being encouraged for one-time deliveries, it is assumed that everyone will manage things for delivering work-orders on-time, […]

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27 February 2015
Some Key Questions Before Buying an ERP

By Xavier Perrin (xperrin@xp-consulting.fr) I had recently read a very interesting survey conducted by Software Advice, a firm that analyzes ERP Software.  The survey results from an analysis of a sample of interactions between Software Advice and prospective buyers in search of guidance to find the best Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to fit their needs. […]

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6 February 2015
What do your S&OP meetings look like?

By Xavier Perrin (xperrin@xp-consulting.fr) Future is only present that should be put in order. Your task is not to foresee the future, but to enable it.(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) The S&OP meeting you're attending to today has been scheduled a year ago: you planned your agenda of this week depending on this obligation. Beyond the fact […]

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7 May 2014
How Poor Understanding of MRP2 Can Lead to the Degeneration of Your ERP?

By Xavier Perrin (xperrin@xp-consulting.fr) Introduction Most manufacturing companies strive for enhancing their customer service level, reducing their lead times and reducing their inventories. Two approaches elaborated during the last decades have significantly improved these companies' ability to take up these challenges: The advent of information technology allowed computer-aided planning tools to surface. In that respect, […]

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